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Pert Chart

The project TargetAMD is coordinated by Prof. Gabriele Thumann, partner UNIGE (Université de Genève), and the professional project management support of partner RWTH (Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule), represented by Ms. Maria Perdikomati-Dahmen.

To guarantee the success of the projects` deliverables and milestones representing the transfer of the regenerative gene therapeutic approach into a clinical trial (Switzerland), the project has a clear structure which comprises ten work packages. Each work package is divided into several tasks which open out into one or more work package specific deliverables. The TargetAMD project contains of five milestones which mark the completion of project relevant important phases.

All work packages contribute impact to other work packages and figure out the entity of the project carrying into executing of the TargetAMD consortium, represented by 13 partner of 8 different countries, with excellent expertise in various fields of ocular targeted research, genetic engineering, and GMP-grade production (Fig.1).

Fig.1: TargetAMD projects structure.
Fig.1: TargetAMD projects structure.