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Work package 10

Fig. 1: WP 10 Partner Participation
Fig. 1: WP 10 Partner Participation (WP Lead Underlined)


An essential component of the TargetAMD consortium is to raise awareness of the proposal objectives and disseminate the project’s results to key target audiences in academia, industry, to the general ophthalmology professionals, patients and the general public.
The consortium of scientists, physicians and industrial partners has put in place a number of steps to raise awareness and to communicate research results to the scientific community and to inform the general public about new ways of treatment for Age-related Macular degeneration (Fig. 1).

Dissemination of research results to the broad scientific community are achieved via publication of original papers on peer reviewed international scientific journals, oral presentations and posters at conferences, workshops and seminars.

To enhance the visibility of the TargetAMD project members of the consortium are participating and presenting results at international conferences, such as the EuropeanSociety of Ophthalmology, which is attended by approximately 4,000 ophthalmologists, the annual EURETINA Congress, the meeting of the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) and the congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT).

To increase knowledge about recent research results the consortium takes part in regional conferences and informs by arranging lectures in European groups or initiatives, like patients’ organisations, such as RETINA Suisse. Since TargetAMD SME partners are driving forward the development of several devices to be used by the clinicians, all partners are keenly aware of intellectual property rights (IPR) in conjunction with new developments. That is why an IPR-manager was appointed at the project start to oversee results that merit protection.

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