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First peer-reviewed publications will be published soon

During three challenging but successful years of project runtime a huge pool of data has been collected that will be published in peer-reviewed articles now. Two manuscripts are already in preparation. Partner UKA has completed a first manuscript that describes the characteristics of pre-cultivated primary bIPE and hRPE cells transfected with the pFAR4-SB100X transposon system using the PEDF and the PEDF-optimized transposon. The manuscript includes multiple repeated analyses of the transfected cells detailing the initial and long-term secretion of the recombinant PEDF, its gene expression levels as well as an analysis of the transposon genomic integration sites. Partners UNIGE, CNRS, PEI, and MDC provided essential data and materials. Partner UN is completing the second manuscript that presents the efficiency of the gene therapeutic approach in an animal model of wet AMD. Both manuscripts will be submitted to high ranking gene therapy journals.

23. March 2016
Categories: Target AMD