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Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung (KAR)

Workpackage (WP) participation

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Partner description

The Rudolf Foundation Hospital is a public as well as a teaching hospital. Partner KAR is associated with the Medical University Vienna and among other institutes with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute (LBI), which last mentioned focuses on clinical and basic research in various disciplines. The Department of Ophthalmology includes the Ophthalmology Research Group, which is dedicated in 3 main research areas: The cure of retinal degenerative disease (e. g. Age–related Macular Degeneration), new interventions in vitreoretinal surgery and optical coherence technology development. Basic science projects investigate the possible rejuvenation of retinal pigment epithelium and basal lamina to insure the functionality of transplanted retinal cells.

A close cooperation between the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and the Rudolf Foundation Hospital provides the ability for clinical research with large collective of patients.

At present 100 patients per week receive intraocular injections for treatment of exudative AMD, 2’000 AMD patients consult the outpatient center and 33’000 patients in total are seen on an outpatient basis in the department.

Main tasks attributed to the project

PD Dr Stolba and her team are supporting UNIGE in the preparation and performance of the clinical trial to be accomplished in Geneva. In addition to the clinical expertise of Dr Stolba, her team is well experienced in ophthalmological clinical research. Because of the longstanding expertise in cell transplantation and ophthalmo-surgical clinical trials, particularly in vitreoretinal diseases of the posterior segment of the eye, Dr Stolba and her team are an essential partner in all regulatory work (WP 3, 7, and 8). As one of the international opinion leader in vitreoretinal surgery she will be an important partner in the dissemination of information resulting from TargetAMD (WP 10).


PD Dr. Ulrike Stolba

PD Dr. Ulrike Stolba

Silvia Schmid

Silvia Schmid

Dr. Stefan Hagen

Dr. Stefan Hagen