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Scientific Ethics Advisory Board

The Scientific Ethic Advisory Board (SEAB) is an external body of the TargetAMD project and has been appointed to guide, review and supervise all scientific and ethical activities within the project.

The external committee shall consist of internationally renowned experts in the field of gene therapy, cell transplantation and ophthalmology as well as representatives of patient organisations. The SEAB has a consultative function and advises the consortium on scientific quality, project strategy, ethical and regulatory issues. The panel will give vision, advice and an objective assessment of the innovative scientific and exploitation related deliverables. They will regularly attend to meetings and stays in close contact with the coordinator to assist the consortium in strategic guidance and foster the exchange of ideas with stakeholders and the scientific community.

An annual report of the SEAB will be appended to the TargetAMD periodic reports to the commission.

Members of the SEAB are Christina Fasser, president of Retina Swiss and Retina International, Prof. Nicolas Mach, oncologist and médecin adjoint agrégé at the department of oncology of the University Hospital of Geneva and Prof. Jean-Hugues Trouvin, professor and pharmacist at the University Paris Descartes.