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We would like to thank the European Commission and especially our project officer Dr. David Gancberg to publish a summary of our project TargetAMD in the second volume of “Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development”. For more information about this volume and our project summary, please see http://online.liebertpub.com/toc/humc/26/2

31. July 2015
Categories: Target AMD

The annual meeting of the TargetAMD consortium has taken place on 8 and 9 July 2015 in Geneva. One session has been focused on the dissemination and exploitation of project results.

8. July 2015
Categories: Target AMD

Partner 3P Biopharmaceuticals received positive answer from Spanish AEMPS Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (the Spanish Regulatory Agency), regarding the regulatory requirements for the manufacturing of the electroporation buffer, to be used in the Target AMD clinical trial I/II.

29. May 2015
Categories: Target AMD

The ARVO (The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) conference 2015 took place in Denver, USA. We are happy to inform about 5 TargetAMD posters, presented by partners UNIGE, UN and UKA at this international renowned conference. Especially, we congratulate Maria Hernández-Sánchez and the team of Prof. Alfredo Garcia Layana (UN) for their great […]

2. May 2015
Categories: Target AMD

Yesterday 12th March 2015, the coordinator (Prof. Thumann, UNIGE) with support of the partners IGEA, GenoS, UKA and AmBTU held the 2nd Scientific Advice Meeting with three scientific consultants from Swissmedic, Berne. The meeting was very productive and fruitful, such that almost all open questions could be clarified. Swissmedic recommended starting to write and assemble […]

13. March 2015
Categories: Target AMD

The development of electroporation device and buffer made great progress. The buffer has been developed by partner 3P and will be now evaluated for in vitro and in vivo experiments with regard to the clinical trials. Moreover, the electroporation device, the so-called Cliniporator, which promotes the integration process of the therapeutic gene sequence into the […]

10. February 2015
Categories: Target AMD

As discussed during the first Scientific Advice Meeting in April 2014 with Swissmedic, the regulatory authority of Switzerland, the TargetAMD consortium adopted the protocols for scheduled in vivo safety studies and the procedure for the clinical trial in Geneva, respectively. These protocols will now present and discussed at Swissmedic during a second Scientific Advice Meeting […]

5. February 2015
Categories: Target AMD

It is our pleasure to inform you that AmBTU from the Netherlands (STICHTING AMSTERDAM BIOTHERAPEUTICS UNIT) is new partner of the TargetAMD Consortium. Since AmBTU has the technology and the know-how to produce GMP grade plasmids, which are necessary for the TargetAMD clinical trial, the accession of this new partner to the Consortium is of […]

30. January 2015
Categories: Target AMD

The current results of each work package will be presented during the second annual meeting of the TargetAMD consortium in Geneva at 2014, 3rd and 4th of November. The European Commission`s project officer as well as members of the SEAB will attend the meeting personally to discuss the progress of the project.    

2. September 2014
Categories: Target AMD

The first project period of 18 months has been conducted successfully. In vitro experiments evaluated the final plasmid construct and the transfer to in vivo experiments had already started. In a pre-clinical setting, using pre-clinical grade plasmids the transfection procedure was validated and optimised. The in vivo approach will be tested in animal models to establish […]

1. May 2014
Categories: Target AMD