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Successfully the TargetAMD symposium took place on October 19, 2016 in Florence, Italy. Special challenges in cell and gene therapy as well as options and obstacles of translating science into clinic were introduced and discussed by our keynote speakers David Gancberg (EC project officer), André Lieber (University Washington), Géraldine Honnet (Généthon), Salima Hacein‐Bey (Paris Descartes), […]

17. December 2016
Categories: Target AMD

The TargetAMD consortium invites interested clinicians and scientists active in cell and gene therapy and interested laymen to the TargetAMD Symposium “Lost in translation – the long way to bring non-viral gene therapy into clinic”, taking place at Grand Hotel Baglioni, on October 19, 2016 at 6 pm in Florence, Italy. Leading experts in the […]

14. September 2016
Categories: Target AMD

As a silver sponsor of the ESGCT 2016 congress  , October 18-21, Florence, Italy the consortium will present the latest project results. The modified electroporation device, the Cliniporator®, and modified cuvettes developed for the transfection of low cell numbers will be physically demonstrated at the TargetAMD booth. We cordially invite you to the TargetAMD Symposium, […]

5. September 2016
Categories: Target AMD

Members of the TargetAMD consortium participated on the ARVO 2016 conference, which took place in Seattle from 1st – 5th May 2016. The congress was exciting and successful for TargetAMD. Partners UN and UNIGE presented in total 5 posters about TargetAMD results and received very positive feedback from the international attendees. Particularly gratifying was the […]

13. May 2016
Categories: Target AMD

During the annual meeting on 21st – 22nd April 2016 in Geneva presentations on latest results illustrated the progress made in 2015. Two peer-reviewed papers about the progress made are prepared at the moment. The planning of both clinical trials, IPE in Geneva, RPE in Vienna, further evolved. After the finalization of procedures in Geneva, […]

2. May 2016
Categories: Target AMD

Latest results of the work packages and the planning of the clinical trials will be discussed. Dissemination activities, like a final scientific conference and lectures at the education day, are planned in conjunction with the ESGCT conference in October this year.

1. April 2016
Categories: Target AMD

During three challenging but successful years of project runtime a huge pool of data has been collected that will be published in peer-reviewed articles now. Two manuscripts are already in preparation. Partner UKA has completed a first manuscript that describes the characteristics of pre-cultivated primary bIPE and hRPE cells transfected with the pFAR4-SB100X transposon system […]

23. March 2016
Categories: Target AMD

Several safety studies were planned in TargetAMD and discussed with the regulatory authorities. After finishing successfully the in vitro soft agar assay, we will finish the biodistribution study to exclude systemic biodistribution of our cell product soon. Moreover, the integration study to prove random integration of our gene of interest started positively. By that, we […]

2. March 2016
Categories: Target AMD

In the 2nd project period in vitro experiments focused on the establishment of the transfection of low cell numbers of freshly isolated IPE and RPE cells. The development of the electroporation device, related buffer and the GMP-grade plasmids have been accomplished and buffer as well as plasmid production started already. In vivo studies on efficiency […]

22. February 2016
Categories: Target AMD

The TargetAMD project was silver sponsor of the ESGCT [European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy] conference September, 17.-20. in Helsinki, Finland. The consortium promoted the special session “non-viral vectors”, chaired by Samir El-Andaloussi and Zoltan Ivics, comprising the talk of the Coordinator Gabriele Thumann about the TargetAMD project on September, 19. Moreover, the TargetAMD […]

30. September 2015
Categories: Target AMD